QWLC In-Center Weekly Specials: 09-17-2012

This Week's In-Center Special:
Quick-Boost and Quick-Boost Plus

 $25 each for 3 or more ($24 for platinum members)

 $22 each for 5 or more ($21 for platinum members)

 $20 each for 10 or more ($19 for platinum members)

Special ends 09-21-2012

This special is valid In-Center ONLY.
Please print this post and bring to the office
nearest you to obtain offer.

Used twice per day, Quick-Boost will:

• Increase your energy
• Increase your weight loss results
• Reduce water retention
• Reduce Constipation
• Reduce plateaus
• Boost your immune system
• Assist with Maintaining Ideal Body Weight*

And you can flavor your water with it!!

*Remember, drinking adequate quantities of water every day hydrates your skin and all vital organs, contributes to efficient digestion and elimination, and removes toxins from the body. Truly, a long-term habit for long-term optimal health and weight maintenance.