Quick Weight Loss In-Center Specials: St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day Special:
Save $GREEN$ on Green
(or Orange)
Quick Boost and FiberPLUS!

Fiber Plus and Quick Boost: Green/Orange
5 boxes for $99 (save $51)
10 boxes for $189 (save $111)*

*Platinum Members receive 1 free box for every 10 purchased!
Platinum Membership Special: $599
(save $900) - ask your counselor for details!

Special ends 3-16-2013 (Saturday)
Offers may not be combined.

This special is valid In-Center ONLY.
Please print this email and bring to the office
nearest you to obtain offer.

Used twice per day, Fiber Plus will:

• Improve digestion and elimination
• Increase fullness and satisfaction
• Increase absorption of key vitamins and minerals
• Assist with maintaining ideal body weight

Used twice per day, Quick-Boost will:

• Increase your energy
• Increase your weight loss results
• Reduce water retention
• Reduce constipation
• Reduce plateaus
• Boost your immune system
• Assist with maintaining ideal body weight

Remember, drinking adequate quantities of water every day hydrates your skin and all vital organs, contributes to efficient digestion and elimination, and removes toxins from the body! Truly, a long-term habit for long-term optimal health and weight maintenance.

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